The President Gets Spicy (NSFW)

The following story is purely fictional and is written for my own personal fun. No malicious intent is intended.

The President Gets Spicy

Sean shook nervously as he entered the oval office. Lately, his relationship with The President had been on thin ice and he expected the worst.

“Sit,” The President ordered, and Sean reluctantly obeyed. “We need to talk about…”

“WAIT!” Sean interrupted. “I know we have been far from the same page lately. Just because you are building a wall to Mexico, doesn’t mean that you need to build a wall to your heart! Please don’t deport me. Let me immigrate into your life!”

The President deliberated for a few seconds and for a fleeting moment Sean feared the worst.

However, the solemn face of The President quickly turned into a wry smile and he calmly stated, “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Just to be sure Sean understood his meaning he added, “America is my penis.”

“But… the media… claims it’s too small to work?” Sean asked tentatively, unsure how The President would react to this claim.

“Fake news. I guarantee you there is no problem.”

Both Sean and The President leapt out of their chairs and began furiously making out. Sean’s suit was perpetually loose so he was able to slip it off quickly, and then assist The President in removing his own. The President moved his battleship down to Sean’s Korean Sea, escalating tensions as the two of them made love on the Resolute Desk.

“Mmmm… you are a bad hombre aren’t you…” the President whispered in Sean’s ear.

“Oh yeah… I’m gonna bring crime and drugs across the border,” replied Sean, enjoying the moment.

This saucy talk was too much for The President, and as the pleasure built he screamed, “I’M GONNA TAKE CARE OF IT!”

“Oh c’mon baby, make America great again!” Sean screamed. The pleasure was immense. The President finished first.

“COVFEFE!” he gasped as he momentarily lost control of his body, vocal chords and twitter account. He began shaking uncontrollably. This had happened before on stage, where people assumed he was trying to mock a disabled reporter but he was actually in pure ecstasy.

Unfortunately for Sean, The President cared little for him and after getting dressed was bluntly told, “You’re Fired.”

Sean began crying, and The President showed him the door.

“There better not be any leaks of this to the press.”

Six days later an anonymous person delivered secret Oval Office tape recordings to the press.


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